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Welcome to our house
Welcome to our house

A home for students owned and managed by the
Ealing Circuit of the British Methodist Church

Hi everyone especially Moullinites!


Well, there is some “GOOD NEWS” and…

“BAD NEWS”…ughurr!!


Good News

On the 15th June 2011 we at Moullin House reached our Diamond Anniversary = 60yrs old.

Yes the House was 60yrs old, we give thanks to god and to Mr & Mrs Moullin for their generosity and vision back in 1951.


Bad News

Now sorry folks but on the 1st August 2011 we shall be closing forever…YES forever!

Moulin House has become no longer viable commercially and so the Methodist Circuit who owns and controls Moullin House has been forced to close this safe refuge from the dangers of London and its secular pressures.


Should you want to contact us or send messages of greeting please email us at the usual site address below.



S C Macpherson - Warden